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My Daughters

December 26th, 2009

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Some thoughts to think about.

September 18th, 2014

Many times I can not even talk to my best friends and family about things that are happening or have been happening in my life, simply because it will change their view on people and that includes myself. Not because I am ashamed of them or because they are secrets. I’m hiding things and keeping things to myself because others are involved in these things and   that I am not sure they can understand them. To be judged because of those things by people that  don’t understand the impact of these things on my life or others life’s is not something I seek for either.. It makes one feel very lonely not being able to be who you are because you want to and even have to protect yourself and others. A simply and sincere how are you doing, I often can not answer honestly for this reason.. Its a difficult choice to make because it feels like betrayal not to be honest and which makes it also hard to be real friends or close to people. So I most times keep a distance just so I don’t have to lie. One reason why I can not blog at this moment.


My lack of posting.

August 1st, 2014

Dear visitors, if there even are any left. I have not been posting for a long time now. The reason of this is simple. I am dealing with personal problems and I just haven’t been feeling like posting anything at all. I will be fine, there is no reason for worry. Just not in the mood for blogging. Take care, I hope to be back soon.


Mc Donalds marketing research.

December 17th, 2013

Since a few years I am participating in marketing research tests. I have signed up with several research companies who basically deliver the people who participate in the research. Sometimes these companies also do the tests and just deliver the results to these companies. As you can guess it are usually the bigger companies who do such researches. Most times it is much fun to do because you get insight on newer products, you hear other peoples experiences and opinions on things, you get to go to all sorts of places and meet all kinds of people and even try out new products often, plus I get paid for these researches. This week I had been invited to participate in a research for Mc Donalds. It was nearby home so I went on my bike which saved me transportation costs. Especially at this time of the year a little extra in the wallet is always welcome.

We did not get to test a new product this time, it was like an opinion research on the franchise it self compared to other fast food restaurants. With three research groups of 4 people there was a total of 12 participants. We all sat down in the lunchroom of the headquarters of Mc Donalds marketing team where we where asked for our opinions. I personally am a big fan of Subway but after this research project I came to admit that the menu of subways is kind of boring and that its more expensive then Mc Donalds. At the other hand the quality of the food that Mc Donalds serves is below the quality of the other fastfood restaurants, as all the participants in my group agreed on. The hamburgers from Burger King scored better in our opinion and Subway and KFC and PizzaHut are different kind of fastfood restaurants with a different product so they where harder to compare with Mc Donalds.

At the end of the evening we all received our payment of 35 Euros and a little extra gift of 4 coupons for a free sandwich at Mc Donalds. Thanks Huitema

Since I don’t think I will be writing anymore this year I would like to wish one and all a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2015!!!


Its the season again

December 13th, 2013

Its the season again of lights, gifts, trees, balls, good food, tears and smiles. Here in Holland we had our first big children Holiday all rdy It was surprisingly a nice n happy day for everyone, Yeah I said surprisingly because with a teenager in the house its not always peace n sunshine.

The past year has been full of ups and downs and changes, losses, successes and experiences. Last year around this time we where getting ready to go to Venezuela to spend Christmas and the New Year there. Quite an experience I like to say. Then a season later, spring, we spend a few days in a 5 star Hotel in Budapest, a little trip I won on facebook by Spa & fruit. Loved Budapest and really would like to do that again but 5 star hotel, not sure if we can pull that one but perhaps another hotel will work as well.

In The summer we spend a week at my moms and especially our dog really loved that. Yeah our dog, the newest part of our family, this cute lil brat of a Westy, love him loads. Always wanted a dog and I m glad  we found Silver. And finally in October we spend a week in Portugal to visit the rest of Antonio’s family not only could I meet them finally, but They would also see Anarosa for the first time.

I have been making a little newspaper this year which I have turned into other peoples hands now because it gave me too much stress since I was basically do it on my own.

Anarosa went to preschool this week for the first time and well, in short, that was our year.



If you really must speak the truth..

October 2nd, 2013

If you really must speak the truth, then speak the truth to the person that you talk about behind their back. Especially when you are talking in a bad or negative manner.

Not always when people talk about someone else it is in a negative manner, you can talk about someone in a positive manner just as easily. You could talk about something they handled well or that this person is good at, the difference is that this is more of a compliment that you would normally not have a problem with saying to this person its about. and that is the big difference, when people talk bad about someone and when that’s only behind their back then you should start questioning yourself why you are doing this because it says more about you then the person you talk about.

It is not per definition bad to talk about someone, we all need to vent and get things off our back sometimes, just remember that at all times you are representing yourself in the first place and not the other person.

There are three general motives behind people talking bad about another person. 1. They’re talking with someone to solve a problem they’re having with the individual, but lack the skill to do it in a kind way. 2. They want to discredit the other person, or cause harm to the other person. Their motive is to hurt, or they feel they must defend themselves from hurt, so they hurt first. 3. They want to be accepted, so they find common humor, evil, etc. to talk about to make themselves feel better.

The first group: They talk about the problem, may go into detail, may exaggerate a little, but their motive is mainly to get an idea of how to solve the problem, and not to hurt the other person. They may talk inappropriately, or in a way that may leave a negative light on the person they’re talking about, but its not hateful.

The second group: People who talk bad about another person to cause harm: They seem to feel like you have some major impact in their life, and they are scared of you. For example, a friend who feels like her life is determined by how much boys like her will often bad mouth another girl who the boys like more than her – or that she thinks they like more than her. She does this because she feels like she must manipulate the people around her to stay safe. If she took responsibility for her own actions, and her own ability to change, to act, she wouldn’t feel so threatened by other people. So usually, people who talk maliciously are really very terrified people. They feel they must manipulate the people around them to be safe. They don’t start by changing their own actions and choosing how they feel, they let life around them tell them who they are. Its a very threatened place to live.

Third group:
They people are a combination of the two categories above. They talk about others because they have nothing better to do. They just talk without considering the people or friendships that will be damaged, its just entertainment.

Just be aware that often the gossip will end up unintentionally eventually in the ear of the person who was subject of this gossip. Knowing already what lays behind the gossiping it should not be a surprise that this often leads to lies and denial of what was said, trying to keep up there own status and trying to make that other person look even worse. Depending on the environment this has happened and who have been involved that it can damage not only you or the person you spoke about but it can damage the organisation you represent as well.

sources: wiki.answers 2knowmyself.com

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