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My Daughters

December 26th, 2009
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A little or a Lot?

July 19th, 2016

When its a little then is simple… its just that, A little.
When its a lot but not that much, its A lottle.
Now it gets more difficult. when its not a little and not a lottle what is it? This question got me puzzled. Of course I wouldn’t be I if i didn’t came up with a solution for that. Simple as is, If its not a little and if its not a lottle, its a liottle. Can you still keep up?
So what is it when its more then a lottle you wonder? Its a lottlelot in that case.

Now that’s cleared up get a pencil n add these words to yuor dictionary.

Que sera, sera

July 16th, 2016

What ever will be will be, the futures not ours to see Que sera sera.

Its been going through my mind quite a lot lately. Lots of recent changes in my life has caused this of course and there are so many more changes to come. I know what I’m capable of but what I do not know is what I’m not capable of. Yes I’m worried if i will be able to pay the bills and stay out of debts like I was able to before. My life has changed and  will be changing a lot more. Will i still be able to continue to pay my bills in time? Thats the most important to me. I’m creative enough to make life worthwhile even for the kids. Money can only buy so much. the time invested in them and the shared laughters you cant buy. It’s just gonna be another adventure i guess. Might as well enjoy it while Im at it.

Today I want to say thank you

July 11th, 2016

Today I want to say thank you for being there for me.
Today I want to say thank you because you didn’t had to be

Today I want to say thank you for everything you do
Today I want to say thank you because i never asked you to

Today I want to say thank you because thanks to you I can
Today I want to say thank you because if not now then when?

Today I want to say thank you for you went for me out of your way
Today I want to say thank you for what you did for me yesterday

Today I want to thank you because you di so much from so afar
Today I want to thank you because i appreciate you for who you are

Today I want to say thank you, to you you and you
Today I want to say thank you to you and you and you too,

D.s 16:47 pm Juli 7 2016 Amsterdam


Oorlog – War

July 10th, 2016


‘t is koud en donker om ons heen,
het geluid van een harde knal gaat ons door merg en been.
Dan horen we allemaal stemmen,
veel gegil en geren, de paniek is niet te remmen.
Dan word er hard op het luik boven ons hoofd geklopt.
Iedereen zwijgt, houd z’n adem in tot het gebons stopt.
In het midden van de ruimte steekt iemand een kaars aan.
Hoelang zullen we met deze angst in deze kou nog door moeten gaan.
Een vrouw begint te huilen, haar man en haar kinderen leven niet meer.
Zomaar doodgeschoten, in koele bloede, door een man met een geweer.
Alleen maar omdat ze even buiten liepen,
en de kinders om hun moeder riepen.
Ach hoeveel levens gaat het nog kosten, hoelang gaat het nog duren,
kan er dan niemand ons een heel klein beetje vrede sturen?

Geschreven naar aanleiding van de golf oorlog door D.S. op 2 januari 1993


Surrounded by cold and darkness
The sound of a loud noise goes right through us
A lot of voices all around,
Footsteps, screaming, such a frightning sound,
A knock on the hatch above our heads,
nobody speaks, hardly breaths, filled with dreads.
Someone lights a candle in the middle of the room,
How long we have to live with this fear, cold and doom?
A woman cries, her husband and children are dead.
Killed by a man with a gun, they where no threat
They just walked outside,
surching for there mother, who lost them out of sight
How much longer wil it last, how many lives will it take?
Can’t someone send us some peace for our sake?

Written on january 2 1993, during the Gulf war

Just A Little Thinking

July 10th, 2016

Just a Little thinking,

I raise my head and look right up in the sky
There are stars blinking, up and above, very high.
They’ve made me think about something,
they’ve made me think about almost everything.
About my live, my future and my past,
The time is going so very fast.
They’ve made me almost crying,
But I’ll keep on trying,
to see the beauty of live
and forget the pain, from that knife,
The knife that has hurt me deep,
the pain that I feel, no matter if I’m awake ore asleep.
I’m trying to put that feeling apart,
yes I’m trying very, very hard
And get the strength to compose a laugh.
The laugh that I almost always have.
Because that’s what my live is about,
always laughing out loud
No matter what happens to me
no one will and shall ever see,
That I’m crying, deep down inside of me.
And no matter what I try,
that feeling is always standby.

21 december 1997 D.S.

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